Die quickPCB GmbH liefert hoch­qua­li­ta­ti­ve Lei­ter­platten (engl. printed circuit board – PCB). Un­se­re Part­ner in Chi­na pro­du­zie­ren Lei­ter­platten seit mehr als 10 Jah­ren. Un­se­re Fir­ma kann Lei­ter­platten in jeg­li­cher Stück­zahl, von Pro­to­ty­pen bis zur Massen­fer­ti­gung, lie­fern. Un­se­re Pro­duk­tions­ka­pa­zi­tä­ten be­lau­fen sich auf mo­nat­lich mehr als 100 000 Qua­drat­me­ter bei mehr als 9000 Lei­ter­platten­ty­pen.

Unsere Produktionsstätten in China sind Qualitäts-zertifiziert nach ISO9001:2008, UL, ROHS(SGS), REACH, ISO14001:2004 und ISO/TS16949:2009. Die Produktionsprozesse erfüllen aktuellste Qualitätsanforderungen und werden nach den Bedarfen unserer Kunden ausgerichtet.


Folgende Produktkategorien können wir liefern:

  • Auto control panels
  • Flexible and flexible printed circuit boards
  • High-speed signal transmission boards
  • IC test boards
  • Metallsubstrate
  • Passive components embedded in boards
  • Rigid multilayer printed circuit boards
  • New technology applications
  • LED products


Konventionelle PCB Leistungsfähigkeit

Layer count1 – 40 Layers
Finished board thickness0.21 -10.00 mm
PCB size0.80 x 1.20 – 25 x 44 inches 20.32 x 30.48 – 635 x 1120 mm
Surface finishHASL (leaded), Immersion Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Flash Gold, Organic Solderability Preservatives, HASL (lead free), Soft Ni/Au Plating and GoldFinger Plating, etc.
Base materialFR4, High TG, Halogen-Free, High-Frequency (Rogers, Arlon/ Taconic,Nelco, Taixing Microwave F4B and Isola…), etc.
Soldemask colorGreen, White, Blue, Red , Yellow, Black, Matte Green, Purple
Silkscreen colorWhite, Blue, Black, Gray, Yellow, Red
Reliable test100% Electrical Test, Impedance Test, RoHS Test, Thermal Stress Test, High Potential Test, Ionic Contamination Test, Solderability Test, Micro-Sectioning Analysis Test, Insulation Resistance Test and Loss tangent Test
Maximum copper thickness10 OZ (Out layer) / 6 OZ (Inner Layer)
Aspect ratio16:1
Board bow and twist≤0.50%
Minimum line width0.075 mm (3.00 mil)
Minimum line spacing0.075 mm (3.00 mil)
Minimum hole diameter0.15 mm
Minimum dam of solder mask3.5 mil
Type of PCBs availableConventional PCBs, Multilayer Backplane, Blind & Buried Via PCBs, IC Bonding PCBs, Rigid and Flexible PCBs, Embedded Resistance/Capacitance PCBs, Heatsink PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, Halogen-Free PCBs, High TG PCBs, Insulated Metal Base PCBs and other Hi-Tech PCBs

Spezielle PCB Leistungsfähigkeit

Embedded Resistance PCBsLayer count
Layer of embedded Resistance
Resistance Tolerance
2 – 24 layers
1 -3 layers
5 -7%
>24 layers (By Quote)
>3 layers (By Quote)
3 – 5% (By Quote)
Embedded Capacitance PCBsLayer count
Layer of embedded Resistance
2 -16 layers
1 – 2 layers
>16 layers (By Quote)
>2 layers (By Quote)
Flexible PCBsLayer count
Flexible Layer
2 -16 layers
≤ 6 layers

Spezialstruktur PCB Leistungsfähigkeit

Inner capacitance embedded PCBs with rogers material
Hybrid PCBs with Blind&Buried Via and special materials
Hybrid PCBs with Blind Slot and special materials
Interstitial Via Hole (IVH) PCBs with special materials
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