Konventionelle PCB Leistungsfähigkeit



Layer count

1 - 40 Layers

Finished board thickness

0.21 -10.00 mm

PCB size

0.80 x 1.20 - 25 x 44 inches 20.32 x 30.48 - 635 x 1120 mm

Surface finnish

HASL (leaded), Immersion Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Flash Gold, Organic Solderability Preservatives, HASL (lead free), Soft Ni/Au Plating and GoldFinger Plating, etc.

Base material

FR4, High TG, Halogen-Free, High-Frequency (Rogers, Arlon/ Taconic,Nelco, Taixing Microwave F4B and Isola...), etc.

Soldemask color

Green, White, Blue, Red , Yellow, Black, Matte Green, Purple

Silkscreen color

White, Blue, Black, Gray, Yellow, Red

Reliable test

100% Electrical Test, Impedance Test, RoHS Test, Thermal Stress Test, High Potential Test, Ionic Contamination Test, Solderability Test, Micro-Sectioning Analysis Test, Insulation Resistance Test and Loss tangent Test

Maximum copper thickness

10 OZ (Out layer) / 6 OZ (Inner Layer)

Aspect ratio


Board bow and twist


Minimum line width

0.075 mm (3.00 mil)

Minimum line spacing

0.075 mm (3.00 mil)

Minimum hole diameter

0.15 mm

Minimum dam of solder mask

3.5 mil

Type of PCBs available

Conventional PCBs, Multilayer Backplane, Blind & Buried Via PCBs, IC Bonding PCBs, Rigid and Flexible PCBs, Embedded Resistance/Capacitance PCBs, Heatsink PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, Halogen-Free PCBs, High TG PCBs, Insulated Metal Base PCBs and other Hi-Tech PCBs


Spezielle PCB Leistungsfähigkeit





Embedded Resistance PCBs

Layer count

2 - 24 layers

>24 layers (By Quote)

Layer of embedded Resistance

1 -3 layers

>3 layers (By Quote)

Resistance Tolerance

5 -7%

3 - 5% (By Quote)

Embedded Capacitance PCBs

Layer count

2 -16 layers

>16 layers (By Quote)

Layer of embedded Resistance

1 - 2 layers

>2 layers (By Quote)

Flexible PCBs

Layer count

2 -16 layers


Flexible Layer

≤ 6 layers






Spezialstruktur PCB Leistungsfähigkeit


Inner capacitance embedded PCBs with rogers material

Hybrid PCBs with Blind&Buried Via and special materials

Hybrid PCBs with Blind Slot and special materials

Interstitial Via Hole (IVH) PCBs with special materials


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